Oaths Of Light

Oaths of Light is our first game, a 3D RPG for PC.

In this game, you will play as Eden. A young girl living a peaceful life that will soon be disturbed by a chain of events leading her to an adventure across the kingdom of Meadran in which your choices will have consequences.

In Oaths of Light, you will be able to explore a colorful world, learn about its inhabitants and history, evolve in battles against a great variety of foes, and much more.

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Thirteen years ago, the great war between the kingdoms of Elme and Meadran ended.                     

After realizing the considerable human loss and great threat magic represents, the winning side, Meadran, has forbidden access to the battlefields and instituted new rules condemning the use of magic outside of their defined boundaries.

It's been over a decade now, and less and less magic users exist.
In fact, to detect them the kingdom of Meadran organizes once a year an event in which everyone has to participate on their seventeenth birthday.

This way, once a year, a lot of people from across the entire kingdom of Meadran rush to the capital to assist in the now-famous ceremonies of the Oaths of Light.

During which each participant will have to swear allegiance to the kingdom and participate in a number of organized activities.
If magic is detected in a participant, he is offered to work for the kingdom on the studies and applications of magic, which is considered a great honor for the chosen one and its family.
Everyone else involved in the ceremonies will then just go back to their normal lives if no magic has been detected within them.

That is what usually happens. But this year's Oaths of Light ceremonies might be... different.

Our story takes place a little before Eden's seventeenth birthday.
She, like many others, was summoned to the capital for the ceremonies of the Oaths of Light. And she will have to leave the peaceful village where she has always lived to attend it.
Moreover, lately, hunters from the village have reported sightings of very agitated wildlife and unusual activities in the woods.
You will be involved in the investigation initiated by the village chief and help to uncover surprising history and mysteries.

What will happen next is history yet to be written before your decisions in this adventure...


In Oaths of Light, you will be able to explore a variety of colored places that are just waiting for you to discover them.
When available, you can use the in-game map to hint at where you should go if you ever get lost.
It is often worth stopping by every person and house you may see, whether it be for a bit of storytelling or a quest. Exploration with rewards!

If someone has a quest available for you, you will notice it easily, as an icon will show on the minimap and above their head.
There are different types of quests:

Main quest: The main storyline of the game. Sometimes you will have to make choices that may or may not have consequences immediately or later in the game.
Misceleanous quests: Secondary quests sometimes have different outcomes depending on your choices. Rewards may vary.
Hunting quests: Quests in which you'll have to hunt a number of foes for a reward.
Harvest quests: Quests in which you'll have to bring a precise item for a reward.

The minimap will also sometimes show you Points Of Interest (POI).
Those are places in which you may find something interesting—a treasure, maybe?
And last but not least, the minimap will also show you essential locations:

Inns: Places in which you'll likely meet people. You can also rest there to restore your party's health when available.

Shops: The place to be if you need gear or a few potions to prepare for a difficult battle.

Save Points: You will find many save points during your adventure. When you first touch it, you unlock it as a waypoint that will allow you to quickly travel from one waypoint to another.

You will sometimes be offered choices in quests. Most of the time, with a limited time or within dialog options,
In this example, you have two options. Sometimes, not making a decision is also an option.


During your adventure, you will encounter and battle against many foes.
Slimes, Snakes, Spiders, Mushroom Men, Boars, Wolves, and more!

Each time you defeat a monster, your knowledge about it increases, and you can check it in the bestiary.

Battles are turn-based and timed.
When your turn starts, you have 5 seconds of tactical time and 5 seconds of action time.

Tactical Time: The tactical time is a 5-second period in which you can think before moving or starting your turn. It ends if any input is pressed or if the 5 seconds are passed.
Turn Time: Your timer starts counting down when the tactical time is over. During your turn, you can move around the battlefield, attack, cast skills, and use items. When you hit an enemy with a normal attack, you will get a few more milliseconds of time added, allowing you to maybe land one more hit or cast a skill right before your turn ends, for example.

Every time you hit an enemy with a normal attack, you will stack combo matter
Stacks of combo matter will increase the damage of your next skill exponentially, with a maximum of 32.
In addition, every ten stacks of combo matter will let you chain a skill after the first one in the order you have defined, with the maximum stack releasing special effects!
Tip: Hitting an enemy in the back considerably improves the chances of a critical hit.

Battle Ranks: The battle results will display a rank for your performances during that fight.
The better you perform, the higher you will rank. A good rank will allow you to earn additional experience, gold, and equipment.

The battle ends when you have defeated all your opponents or when all your allies have been defeated.
Winning battles will earn you precious experience, some gold, and item(s).

When leveling up, you will unlock skills and stat points to increase your abilities in and outside of battles.
You can spend the points the way you wish from the status menu. Each and every stat has a different effect.

Strength: Increases attack power, defense, max HP, and block power.
Dexterity: Increases the attack power of DEX-type weapons, movement speed, and attack speed.
Intelligence: Increases magical damage from skills.
Concentration: Increases the success rate of skill effects.
Charisma: Unlocks dialog options on certain occasions.
Sensibility: Increases the critical hit chance.


While exploring the world of Oaths of Light, you will sometimes encounter members of the Meadran merchang guild. Vendors.
They will offer you various services, often for a price.

Buying: Most of the time, shops will offer a selection of different items you can buy. Gears, resources, or useable items like potions or antidotes.

Selling: You can get some gold by selling your used, outdated equipment.
Or anything for which the vendor is going to offer you a price.

Crafting: Throughout your journey, ingredients will frequently be found. in battles, quests, and while exploring.
Some Meandran guild merchants offer the ability to make goods using those ingredients. You gain experience every time you manufacture an item, and new recipes can become accessible as your crafting level rises.
It is absolutely worth a shot because certain items can only be crafted.